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For 60 years, Kitchen and Bath Business magazine, published by Emerald Expositions, producers of KBIS, sends over 83,000 print and/or digital subscriptions requested by kitchen and bath designers, dealers, architects, custom builders and remodelers with each issue of the magazine.

The top five actions our readers say they took as a result of reading KBB issues:*

  • Visited an advertiser’s website.
  • Purchased or recommended an advertised product.
  • Shared KBB with co-worker(s).
  • Showed KBB to a customer/prospect for ideas/inspiration.
  • Contacted an advertiser for more information.


As the longtime “Official Publication” of the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS). Kitchen and Bath Business is the one and only media source that provides exclusive access to the 125,000+ residential design and construction professionals attending KBIS and Design & Construction Week. KBB is also the only media outlet with exclusive distribution rights with the show issue being placed in several areas throughout the Orlando Convention Center for mass exposure. KBB is quite simply THE choice to leverage your visibility and brand message to the broader KBIS audience.

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  • Over 44,000 kitchen and bath professionals have registered their email addresses with KBB to ensure they receive offers from our valuable partners.
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The following are products our readers expect to purchase or recommend in the next 12 months:*

  • Countertops: 85.9%
  • Cabinets: 86.9%
  • Sinks & Faucets: 82.6%
  • Hardware: 80.1%
  • Lighting: 76.9%
  • Tile & Stone: 76.6%
  • Flooring/Ceilings: 71.5%
  • Toilets & Bidets: 67.5%
  • Appliances: 68.2%
  • Shower Systems: 63.4%
  • Bathtubs & Whirlpools: 63.5%
  • Ventilation for Kitchen & Bath: 63.0%
  • Kitchen & Bath Furniture: 60.3%
  • Paint/Wall Coverings: 60.1%
  • Accessories: 57.4%
  • Windows & Doors: 49.9%